these girls were the kind of girls who always believed in unicorns, they believed in the power of love and dreams. they were the kind of girls who gazed out of windows at bigger worlds, and rain made them think of faeries and treehouses. in the the summer they read jane austen and listened to fleetwood mac while sipping cold tomato juice


sunday funday bunday

my dearest friend and fashionita, rider monisouris is 7 months preggers! labor day weekend me and the lovely lissa moon had the greatest honor to throw her a beautiful baby shower. throwing this shower meant the world to me and i cant wait to see our frisco family grow. watch out francois i think you have a future girlfriend in the works.

after becoming obsessed with all the baby and party planning blogs i thought it would be very appropriate to go with a circus themed shower and since moni was having a baby girl: pink and white stripes everywhere.

i approached the talented veronica and she made some adorable invitations. i teamed with my girl amy, had some last minute help from sabah and went to town with the circus tents and mom and me elephant icons. we created envelopes, cupcake toppers, game templates, drink labels, the works. i found a bunch of DIY craft ideas for banners, decorations and animal cracker party favors. crafting, party planning and friends? i couldn't be any more happy. (ps. graphic designer friends last forever)


the setting itself, staged it up as it took place at the amazing medicine agency. we set up a craft area, candy bar, served mini sandwiches and all i had to do was let "mama anne style hands" put her finishing touches. trust, anne will turn any mess into magic. 

check out moni's and kara's post on the shower. after all my pictures would not have been possible (as lazy usual). i also posted some of the crowd photos on my flickr as well

sunday funday bunday indeed. congratulations mansy. we love you.

dear summer've been beautiful. when you ride with a bunch of banging ladies, you tend to commit to a fabulous amount of birthday weekends. this summer held true to a few (america included). 

here's to our summer birthday riders (the catch up blog edition)
the summer started with kara's dirty thirty vegas style. vegas is no joke and although it is NOT our usual playground, the buffets and magic shows were awesome. as usual if you ain't following finaforevs then you don't be knowing. but the day by day, play by play: here and here

we rolllled right into anne's birthday for a special fourth of july tahoe summer jumpoff weekend (special loves of course to slava's and joshy's dirty thirty as well). where we night hiked, rented pontoons, had an insanely stocked fridge, did some major smashing on the living room dance floor and pool partied it up in our over chlorinated indoor pool. belle's photos here

then we celebrated rachel's birthday. and on a very spooky friday the 13th, our dearest ladywere slash maryann packed it up and left us for the emerald city! don't worry we threw a special witchual and had a proper sf bonfire in her honor.

from sonoma critical mass to sweet berry wine pyramid schemes, the one that topped it off was the lovely ann taylor. one of the best rider diy ideas ever, we decided to "riiide riiide wine" it out for her birthday by renting bikes in napa for a wild women on wine tour. and finished it with a relaxing spa day at the gorgeous indian springs in calistoga. and of course the day by day, play by play here, here and here (and i've already done a shout out but you best be knowing about vittoria's new lady8ers blog roll on the rebel8 site)


introducing the lady8ers

aka vittoria's new blog!

they say behind every powerful man lies a strong woman. and this couldn't be more true when it comes to one of our top riders: vittoria. although we havent rep'd rebel8 enough on this blog, mainly because i never update this shit and rebel8 definitely holds its own and doesn't need much introduction, the company has recently updated a sick new website and has paved some new waves to the LADY8ERS.

anyways, just like our lovely finaforevs and monisouris, vittoria will be holding it down for club rider diy. so be sure to check her shit on the daily.


Rider DIY Tie Dye + Garage Sale

RIDERS: Annie, Anne, Belle, Karafina, Veronica, Sarah, Karina, Moni, David, Diana, Monique, Lissa Moon, Chan Chan, Rara and Me.
LOCATION: Hemway Haven (my new house!)
SUPPLIES: Dyes, Soda Ash, Buckets, Clothing Pins for hanging, Clothes to tie dye with: we had some white tanks, leggings, skirts and tote bags.

We were on some rare 80 degree sf weekend weather and while some of the boys took over 330ritch for the game (go USA) or darted on our stoop, it was an absolutely perfect day for Club Rider DIY to have a garage sale and tie dye DIY! Moni hosted this amazing event after recently purchasing a tie dye kit . And with a beautiful baby on the way, she had some old gems that needed a new home. So we rallied the rest of the riders to go through their closets, i told them spiked lemonade would be served and the day was an absolute hit.

Although Rara might have made the most money, Anne came with the sickest gear. In hopes to get rid and make some money on a bunch of her old props from window displaying, she brought bird cages, fake crows and peacocks, chandelier sets, ladder sets, and all sorts of decorative goodies.

After a ridiculous and uncalled for run in with the cops. Head to FinaForevs for the full story, we let the Tie Dying begin!

Thanks Riders! And remember fantasy and romance can lead to beautiful things aka babies!

PS. The Weekend at Bernie's aka my house continued the next day for a potluck Season Finale dinner for True Blood (!!!)



coachella yeah you see us

RIDERS: Karafina, Veronica, Rachel and Me.

Road Trip! Oh coachella did see us real well. It was Ronnie's dirty thirty so we decided to spend it in the desert with the gays the grays the weres and too many MGMT lookalikes.

Beautiful music was involved. We were surrounded by the weird desert wind and a new dictionary (of course) came back with us. Best of all? each of one of us represented one of the four elements aka this trip was destined to be magical.

happy birthday ronnie.

Click for the Flicker Set and read Fina's Blog entries for the play by play, day by day.

Day 1
Day 2
Day 3


Exciting Club News!

Our Mousy Fashionista and her beau are having a baby!

And this only followed less than a month of the absolute joyful news that Jiles (Jill and Miles) are engaged!


DIY Dranks + Terrariums

Club Rider DIY Workshop #2: Glass Jar Terrariums + Mixology Class

RIDERS: Amy, Belle, Karafina, Veronica, Sarah, Karina, Moni, Jillian, Annie, Sari and Rinchen
PROJECT: We made tiny desktop gardens from succulents, plants and moss in mason jars and learned how to make some spring time drinks for our next dinner party!
LOCATION: Workshop!
SUPPLIES: None. But Kara and some of us brought or own glass jar and trinkets we wanted to add on.Workshop supplied the rest!

Full Article HERE by our own Fina Forever
And if this DIY sounds amazing sign up for the workshop class HERE

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